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The mission of the Bend Education Association is to unite the public education profession and advocate for those professionals to ensure quality public education for students in Oregon. The  B.E.A. is a local association consisting of approximately 900 educators from Bend-La Pine Public Schools District #1. BEA is an affiliate of Oregon Education Association (OEA) and the National Education Association (NEA).

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Message from Association President, Janelle Rebick

I hope that everyone is getting back into the groove. As we begin this year, I just wanted to share with you my goals for the year as BEA President.

First and foremost, I want to continue to improve my communication with all of you. We have a diverse membership and I want to hear from all of you.

I would like to continue my work around disruptive learners. Last year, we took fourteen members to Salem from our district and shared our stories with Legislators. On November 1st, OEA is holding a town hall in Redmond around the subject with the Oregon Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Colt Gill. I want to pack the house with our members.

Insurance is becoming more and more of an issue. Legislation was passed that prevents double coverage by OEBB and PEBB members starting in the fall of 2019. I'm putting together a group of members to talk with legislators to get this bad legislation changed.

I want to focus on establishing a sick leave bank. Currently we are only able to donate personal days for our fellow members in need. I would like to change this so that members can donate sick leave instead. Many districts have this so I know that it's possible.

Last year, we started organizing presentations to our School Board to share concerns. The Board indicated that they would like a different forum where they could engage in conversations with members. I'm currently working with a group of our board members to start having monthly meetings with members.

Custodial issues continue to be a problem. Buildings are understaffed and teachers and other staff are being asked to spend more time cleaning their rooms instead of preparing for lessons. I will continue to push for more staff to take this off your plate.

I am working with our HR department to develop a checklist for new and expecting parents. The process is confusing and needs to be streamlined.

Last but not least, we will be bargaining this year. I'm putting together the team now so that we will be prepared when we begin. Many of the issues listed above will be part of the conversation.

These are issues that affect all of us and it will take all of us to make changes.

Remember, we are stronger together.

Janelle Rebick


Bend Education Association 




Bend Education Association Leadership

Powerful Locals

This is a sub-committee within our union designed to engage our members and the community and show that we can do more as an association than bargain contracts and represent people in grievances or disciplinary situations. We already held one social event last year involving teachers and the community and giving back to our community. Please contact our leadership to be involved or to gain more information.

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2019 Bend-La Pine School Board Election:

The Bend-La Pine School Board consists of seven members elected to four-year terms. Five of the seats, Zones 1 through 5, represent specific geographic zones; Zones 6 and 7 are at-large representatives. Seats are up for election on a staggered basis every odd-numbered year in May. Three or four seats are up for election each election.

Public participation in board meetings.

Bend Education Endoresments:

Zone 1- Caroline Skidmore

Zone 3- Shimiko Montgomery

Zone 5- Amy Tatom

Zone 6- No endorsement

More on Election from Bend Bulletin:




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