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Sarah Barclay


Years Teaching: 9

Why are you involved in the teacher's union?

I became involved in union work for many reasons. I am passionate about the relationships, camaraderie and change that is created when union members stand together on the issues they believe in. I believe in advocating for working conditions and wages that allow for our members to thrive in their work environments and community they teach in. Each and every member of our union is important and I became involved in union work to ensure every voice is lifted up. By speaking up together we accomplish more. Lastly, I believe in working collaboratively with our community to ensure that we are not only advocating for what is best for our members but also our neighbors. Together we are stronger.

Interesting or Surprising Facts about Sarah:

I played the flute in middle and high school. I was born and raised in Central Oregon and am a Redmond High graduate. I have run 5 half marathons. 

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