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Upcoming Events and Happenings

BEA Member Committees

Note: Please contact President Sarah Barclay to be connected to any of these committee opportunities. 

Organizing Committee: This committee is committed to taking action and bringing members together on issues that are important to them.


Bargaining Committee: The bargaining committee is committed to meeting with Bend-La Pine Schools to establish a fair and respectful contract for all certified staff within the District. 

Social Committee: The social committee is committed to planning and developing programs that provide our members relief from the stresses of their job. This committee plans happy hours, back to school events, end of the year events, etc. 

Political Action Committee: This committee is committed to establishing processes for endorsement of pro-public education political candidates. Please note that OEA/BEA dues are not put towards political candidates. If you wish to contribute to pro-public education candidates endorsed by OEA and BEA you can sign up to be a members of the PAC here.


Bylaws and Policies Committee: This committee reviews and makes recommendations to the BEA Executive Board regarding updates to our governing documents. 


Insurance Committee: This committee meets and reviews the current plans offered through OEBB and establishes which plans will be offered to our members each year. 

OEA Member Committee Vacancies

Union School Advisory Cabinet

Health Professionals Committee

Aspiring Educator Committee

Human Civil Rights

Committee Procedures Task Force (3)

Traumatic Events Response Task Force (3)
Equity Director Task Force (3)

Land Back Task Force (3)

Speech Language Pathologist Committee

Bylaws and Policies Committee

New Educators of Oregon Network

Are you new to the education professional? If you are within your first 5 years in education, consider joining the NEON Oregon professional network. Work with other new educators across Oregon to lean about the impacts of bias, set professional goals, and work with others to solve problems of practice. You can learn more and sign up here:

Click here for an informational flyer

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